FY25 Operating Budget


  • $192,445,122, an increase of $7.4 million or 3.8%
  • $7 million increase in state funding
  • $2.35 million increase request in local funding
  • $2.38 million in identified savings


The budget development process begins in early fall and continues through May each year. The York County School Division implements a collaborative approach throughout the budget development cycle, involving school administrators, department administrators, community stakeholders, the chief financial officer, the superintendent, and the school board in the development process.


The budget proposal provides for a comprehensive educational system aligned with the mission, vision, core values and priorities of the Strategic Plan.

Future Ready Graduates


High Quality Instruction: $452,500

Engaging Education Experiences: $70,500

College and Career Readiness: $270,000

Life Readiness: $25,000

  • 6.5 positions to support literacy instruction and teacher planning time
  • Special Education leadership stipends
  • Online Academic Career Plan Portal
  • STEM resources
Highly Effective Talent


Compensation Package: $8,290,000

Recruitment: $800,000

Retention: $50,000

Professional Growth: $95,000

  • 5.5% average pay increase
  • 4 positions
  • Position adjustments (Quadrennial Review)
  • Health Insurance - Employer Share
  • Custodial Services Contract
Supportive Culture


Learning Environment & Working Conditions: $831,000

  • Children's Services Act
  • Alternative Education Services
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  • Mental Health Programs
Collective Commitment


Engagement: $35,000

Outreach: $20,000

  • Let's Talk AskYCSD Platform
  • Residential Investigator
Safety & Operations


Safety: $198,800

Operations: $620,000

  • School Resource Officers
  • Software Monitoring Program
  • Technology Fund
  • Operations Systems (Rycor and Kronos)

Next Steps

School Board Public Forum January 29, 2024
School Board Public Hearing February 26, 2024
School Board Adopts Proposed Budget March 25, 2024
School Board Adopts Operating Budget May 20, 2024

FY25 Documents

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