York County School Division

Forms & Fees

In July 2022, the School Board approved eliminating most course-material fees. Schools may still have miscellaneous fees and dues associated with certain courses (e.g. AP/IB test fees, club dues, etc.)

The division has also several forms that the parents/guardians must completed each school year. Individual schools and programs may have additional forms to be completed as applicable.

The division uses Rycor, an online form and payment system, for many forms and fees to reduce paper waste and improve efficiency. Schools may use this system for payments such as field trips, class dues and more.

Parents will need to create an account in order to sign forms and make payments.

Examples of required forms available in Rycor include:

  • YCSD Student Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Student/Parent Technology Usage
  • Student Health and Enrollment Update
  • Release of Student Directory Information to Military Recruiters (grades 11 & 12 only)
  • Family Life Education Removal Request (if applicable)